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Are you on vacation for a day, three weeks, or perhaps work has you working long hours, and you couldn’t get home on time? East Valley Love all Pets LLC has people who can step in to take care of your pets.


About Annemarie - Owner

Annemarie has owned EVLAP for 6yrs

Leveraging her extensive background in dog care, Annemarie has been with East Valley Love all Pets LLC for twenty-one years to care for animals while owners are away on vacation, business, or just a friendly visit. She currently owns a Goldador, Tucker, as a emotional support dog for her family that she helped train for over a year. She has always loved animals and has assisted tremendously with the pet rescue events in her local area. She comes from a military background and completed Military Attaché training and was a military spouse for 22 years.



Experienced with dogs, cats, chameleons, fish, birds, and horses

My name is Alyssa. I'm attending Grand Canyon University for a degree in nursing. I graduated high school with honors as well. I've been professionally sitting pets since 2019. My experience include sitting pets with special dietary requirements. I've cared for dogs of all ages and in all sizes, ranging from a 4 lb Maltipoo to a 200 lb Great Dane. Let me care for your beloved pet(s) and I'll provide you customized care and peace of mind during your absence.


Stephanie R.

Hello, my name’s Stephanie! I just  moved here from Virginia where I started and fell in love with pet sitting. To be able to love up on all of your animal friends everyday is the dream job! When I’m not watching your furry friends I’m typically on an adventure somewhere, enjoying nature or finding a good book to read.


Skylar B.

Hey there my name is Skyler! My love for pets is what sparked me to enter the wonderful world of pet sitting. I understand the importance of trusting someone to care for your pets! I grew up with a household of many furry and exotic friends! I also worked on my aunts ranch in New Jersey caring for ponies, horses, goats, etc., until I moved here to Arizona a few years ago! Many people thought my family was crazy for having so many pets but I couldn't imagine my life without them! I treat every animal as if they were my own and you can count on me to give your babies the best care possible! 



Hi, I’m Lillie! I have loved animals ever since I was a little girl. It’s been my dream to be a K-9 officer and this is helping guide me in that direction. I own 3 cats myself and I know how important it is to find someone who will care for them the same way you do. I can promise with me around your lovely pets are in good hands.


Autumn Y.

Hello I’m Autumn! I’m a huge pet lover and have wanted to be a pet sitter ever since I was a kid! I’ve owned various cats and dogs all my life and I have my own little Shih Tzu that I visit regularly at my mom’s. I understand that taking care of pets can be a handful and it’s even harder to find a reliable sitter for when you travel, and so that’s why I make an effort to treat every animal I come across with love and care!  

East Valley Love all Pets LLC


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